ESA’s EO4SD climate resilience cluster collaborates with World Bank in Liberia


Liberia’s history of instability and conflict have resulted in dramatic levels of urbanisation and accounted for a majority of the Monrovian population to reside in coastal slums prone to flooding and soil erosion. The EO4SD climate resilience cluster is working with the World Bank to provide earth observation data that can be used to model the impacts of disaster and climate change on the developed land and offer alternative scenarios of how Monrovia could develop.

09 July 2019

Earth Observation data: the new frontier in climate resilience


Earth Observation (EO) data has emerged as a method of providing good quality data to inform climate-resilient decisions. The EO4SD climate resilience cluster is collaborating with International Finance Institutions to demonstrate the power of EO data when applied to real-world projects around the world.

01 July 2019

Webinar June 11 2019: How can EO data support climate resilient development?


The EO4SD Climate Resilience Cluster is holding a webinar to demonstrate the potential for Earth Observation to contribute to climate resilient development objectives. The webinar, How can EO data support climate resilient development? will take place twice on the 11th June 2019 at: 10-11am CEST / 3-4pm PHT and at 3-4pm CEST / 9-10am EST.

03 June 2019

EO4SD Climate Resilience stakeholder & capacity building workshop


The EO4SD Climate Resilience cluster co-organised together with IGAD ICPAC a stakeholder and capacity building workshop in Nairobi (Kenya) on 13 March 2019. The workshop aims to demonstrate the value of Earth observation data to climate-resilient development through a series of presentations, discussions, and hands-on training.

22 January 2019

ESA and Asian Development Bank join forces


ESA and the Asian Development Bank have signed an agreement to collaborate over the next five years to use information from space to support sustainable development.

09 November 2016