Capacity Building for ADB

This page includes the material on Capacity Building generated by the EO4SD climate cluster for the Asian Development Bank (ADB).


Title: Seminar Workshop on Integrated Flood Risk Management in the Changing Climate

Scope: The scope of the participation to this workshop was to present to ADB and to the local stakeholder (DPWH - Department of Public Works and Highways), how EO data and services can mainstream into climate-resilient decision making. This was showcased through specific prototypes: 1) Supporting Inundation Monitoring Service (IMS) in the Philippines, through the provision of flood risk related information; 2) Shoreline monitoring and change detection in Monrovia; 3) An example of how EO-based services contribute to decision-making.

The CB activity was concluded by providing EO4SD CR cluster's offerings, including but not limited to: i) EO4SD CR Platform accessing data and services; Provision of EO-based customized climate information solutions; 3) Dedicated Capacity Building activities supporting the familiarization to EO data and provided services.

Event Category: Workshop

Status: Completed

Number of participants: 100

Date: 11th March 2020

Location: Physical

Participant Compatibility Level: 1. Non-technical user


To download the presentation, link.