Webinar Series 1: Module 7

07. ‘How-to’ Session: Using Jupyter Notebook to access EO data  (hands-on)


  • Stefano Natali, Space Business Manager, SISTEMA GmbH
  • Ramiro Marco Figuera, Earth Observation Data Consultant, SISTEMA GmbH
  • Anastasios Trypitsidis, Research Associate & PM, National Observatory of Athens
  • Dora Perrou, Research Associate, National Observatory of Athens
  • Anastasis Katsos, Developer/WebMaster, National Observatory of Athens

Date: 23 July 2020

You can download the webinar summary here




    Webinar aims

    Plethora of EO sources and the size of EO data has forced to make use of large-scale IT infrastructure to easily manage, visualize and generate useful indicators. The EO4SD Climate Resilience cluster project has deployed a web based (EO4SD CR) platform to provide climate action programmes with enhanced climate risk management capabilities allowing users to explore the data and apply on demand analytics.
    This webinar will be a hands-on session and guided tutorial for advanced users to explore how to use the EO4SD CR platform Jupyter Notebook, including structured exercises, of how to access EO data, conduct analyses and extract data time series.


    Webinar learning outcomes

    • Familiarized with Jupyter Notebook interface,
    • Provide some examples of how to access different data collections, 
    • Showcase some examples of how to produce analysis, time series and generate plots/charts.


    Webinar content

    • User tutorial of  how to make use of Jupyter Notebooks, create/adjust new ones supported by the EO4SD CR Platform 
    • Different types of exercises that participants will have to undertake


    Difficulty level



    Prerequisites for the webinar

    • Good knowledge of coding (python)
    • Good knowledge of using Jupyter Notebooks


    Further readings and resources

    • EO4SD CR Capacity building Material, Link.
    • EO4SD CR Platform, Link.


    Presentation material

    Please download the presentation, Q&A document and the Jupyter Notebooks from the following, Link.

    Recording of the webinar

    If you want to download the video, please click here.


    About the EO4SD Climate Resilience Cluster

    Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD) is an ESA initiative that aims to increase the uptake of EO-based information in development operations at national and international levels. The EO4SD Climate Resilience Cluster aims to help development partners upgrade their tools and skills in order to accomplish their climate resilience obejctives.

    You can download the webinar summary here